The history and activities of the FAO/CIHEAM Research and Development Network on Pasture and Fodder Crops


Peeters A., Mosimann E. and Porqueddu C.


Date de publication/Publication date: 
Janvier, 2010



The network has been created in 1978. It aims at exchanging scientific and technical information, managing working groups on targeted research activities that lead to the development of common methodologies and results, development of research projects, publications, organization of technical stays and training of researchers. It includes two sub-networks: the ‘Mountain Pastures sub-network’ and the ‘Mediterranean Forage Resources subnetwork’. In 2010, it is coordinated by a network coordinator (Prof. Dr Alain Peeters. RHEA, Gentinnes, Belgium. Email: alain.peeters[at] and two sub-network coordinators (Mountain Pastures: Dr Eric Mosimann. Agroscope Changins-Wädenswil (ACW), Nyon, Switzerland. ?Email: eric.mosimann[at]; Mediterranean Forage Resources. Dr Claudio Porqueddu. CNR-ISPAAM, Sassari, Italy. Email: c.porqueddu[at]  


in the Scientific bulletin of ESCORENA